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A Quick Start: Incorporate your offshore shelf company to get that new business idea going, now that the funds are available and the right opportunity has presented itself, or to enter a new market,...

How to Choose an Offshore Jurisdiction?

Legislation Legislation for offshore companies in the jurisdiction that you acquire an offshore shelf company should be progressive, modern and thorough. In many jurisdictions, you find that the...

Offshore Shelf Company Incorporation

To purchase an offshore shelf company you are first required to choose a licensed offshore financial service provider through whom offshore shelf company incorporation services are obtained. These...

What is an Offshore Shelf Company?

Hearing the term ‘shelf company’ for the first time may cause an eyebrow to be raised so some explanation is usually expected to be given to customers looking to incorporate companies offshore. A customer who already knows what offshore shelf companies are about would on the other hand, be relatively demanding as to exactly what it is he is looking for, mainly a suitable name that reflects the commercial interests of the customer and a specific number of years of incorporation. In situations when a customer wants an offshore shelf company but is unable to find a suitable name, a name change is requested. Names are changed through the Registrar who records the new offshore shelf company name, making the formerly used offshore company name now available for use by another company. This or any other amendments that may be requested such a change in share capital may be subject to a fee for the services offered. Simply buying a company off the shelf without making any amendments would therefore result to be less costly for the new owner of the company.

Offshore shelf companies are offshore companies that have been incorporated in advance so that companies are readily available whenever customers wish to incorporate a company quickly or needs a company for immediate use. It is based on this that offshore shelf companies are usually also referred to as ready-made or off the shelf companies, meaning that these companies are readily available, and are basically taken from the shelf as any other commodity.

It is not unusual to find many companies that offer offshore incorporation services also providing lists of the names of offshore shelf companies. Whilst companies could have been incorporated as use as offshore shelf companies, many of these companies were incorporated by customers who incorporated the offshore company but either changed their minds about incorporating offshore or simply just did not re established contact with the incorporator offshore.

Whereas just a decade ago, offshore firm production, similar to Seychelles companies registration,s seemed to inaccessible, nowadays, almost anyone who has internet access and is financial capable of incorporating an offshore company. Offshore shelf companies also increase in popularity as people better understand how offshore shelf companies are used.

Offshore shelf companies have never been used before and so have absolutely no transactions or trade records, no credit history or other record of any activity. Offshore shelf companies are consequently new companies. The owner of the shelf company is able to do business under the name of the company and to state the date on which the offshore shelf company was incorporated as the date on which ‘his’ company was established. Thus, a company that was incorporated in 1990 but is only being used in 2010 for the first time can be referred to as ‘X and Associates’ established since 1990. The reason for this is to give customers a greater sense of confidence in the company, which also achieves more credibility as a company established 20 years ago.

Sometimes, the date of establishment is a determining factor for obtaining certain tax incentives if companies established up to 1990 or in 1992 or earlier were being granted lower tax rates.

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