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How to Choose an Offshore Jurisdiction?

Legislation Legislation for offshore companies in the jurisdiction that you acquire an offshore shelf company should be progressive, modern and thorough. In many jurisdictions, you find that the...

Offshore Shelf Company Incorporation

To purchase an offshore shelf company you are first required to choose a licensed offshore financial service provider through whom offshore shelf company incorporation services are obtained. These...

How to Choose an Offshore Jurisdiction?


Legislation for offshore entities, similar to Seychelles companies, in the jurisdiction that you acquire an offshore shelf company should be progressive, modern and thorough. In many jurisdictions, you find that the laws for offshore companies are practically the same, seemingly a copy of another. Offshore shelf companies are regular offshore companies, except that the offshore shelf company was incorporated at an earlier date and not upon the request of the owner. Offshore shelf companies are offshore companies in themselves, and therefore are a reflection of the legislation of a jurisdiction based on the powers, capacities, framework and restrictions of the offshore shelf company. For an offshore shelf company, one should also look at the jurisdiction’s legislation on a whole, in terms of adherence to and implementation of international regulatory standards for matters like money-laundering. Special bodies, usually financial services commissions or authorities are established through legislation to supervise the use of offshore shelf companies and to ensure that offshore services are being offered in compliance with the law.


The privacy which was once the core of the offshore industry has come under the attack of the opponents of offshore services. Despite this, most offshore jurisdictions establish privacy laws that are geared towards protecting the identity and affairs of the owners of offshore shelf companies, even if certain clauses are included for the disclosure of offshore shelf company information, but this, on definite terms and conditions. As such, any employee or person involved in providing offshore shelf companies and other services is required to maintain the privacy of any information to which they have access. Furthermore, it is only by providing a justifiable reason, arising from suspicion of illegal or criminal activity, through a court order that information can be disclosed regarding an offshore shelf company, or solely by permission of the company’s owner.


Offshore jurisdictions that are independent sovereign nations are usually preferred for incorporation offshore shelf companies. Whilst British overseas territories such as the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Anguilla are popular jurisdictions because of their association with Britain, it is often recommended to acquire an offshore shelf company in an independent jurisdiction. Overseas territories or departments are generally immediately affected by decisions taken in the Mainland, which may affect offshore shelf companies incorporated in the overseas territories. For example, the EU Tax Savings Directive is applicable to all colonies and overseas territories and departments of the EU countries that signed on to the measure. This is however, is not the case in independent offshore jurisdictions where the EU Tax Savings Directive has no effect, except if an offshore shelf company were to personally open a personal bank account in any EU country or in one of its overseas territories.


Quick, efficient service is vital when acquiring an offshore shelf company. To achieve this, a jurisdiction must be equipped with developed telecommunications systems for correspondence and executing offshore transactions, as well as international courier services so that offshore company documents and other services and products can be delivered safely and in a timely manner.

Professional Agent Services

Registered agents that provide offshore shelf company services should be professional, easy to contact and dependable. Potential customers should be able adequate information about the uses, do’s and don’ts, and tax benefits of the offshore self companies.


Your offshore jurisdiction of choice for purchasing an offshore shelf company should be of sound repute. Incorporating on offshore company or acquiring and offshore shelf company in a jurisdiction that lacks an adequate regulatory framework hardly complies with international standards and has an unreliable domestic supervisory system for offshore shelf companies and other types of offshore companies and activities should be stayed far away from, as this only promotes fraud and illegal activity. Fortunately, however, contrary to the opposition that tax havens face, it has been shown that countries evolve into offshore jurisdictions are known for very sound legal systems, stable economies and societies, a high degree of investor friendliness and favorable conditions for investment, hence why they are chosen and trusted by individuals and companies internationally to entrust their assets, wealth and investments.

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